What is TILDEN?

TILDEN is breaking the mold of women’s fashion in favor of a more human approach to sizing. Women’s bodies are dynamic, and we believe our clothing should reflect that.

Ever buy something that fits one day, but doesn’t the next? Hate that. Does half of your closet feel like the wrong size every morning? The worst. 

Every silhouette we curate from our design partners represents thoughtful consideration of the female form, intended to work with your body to help you face each day with confidence.

TILDEN is for all women, all stages - with a special shout out to the moms out there.

The TILDEN concept was inspired by our own pregnancies. Let's be real - the transition to motherhood is tricky. Okay, motherhood in general is tricky. When your boobs change multiple cup sizes in a matter of months, you can’t help but feel a little lost. TILDEN is a trusted friend to help you feel like yourself every step of the way.

No one wants to wear maternity clothes. Our stance: you don't need them. Why compromise? Shopping with TILDEN, you'll build a timeless collection of styles that you'll look forward to wearing now, and down the line (we promise).

Does TILDEN have its own line?

It’s on the way! We’re hard at work on key staples every woman needs. Stay tuned…

Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

Historically, the narrow industry interpretation of sizing means you’ll need to return back to the store again and again – awesome for clothing companies; expensive and time consuming for you.

Fashion startups are attacking fit from the wrong direction, in our opinion, creating even more specific “personal” sizing (hello, half sizes!). While this ensures your clothing fits you better one day, it only means a greater chance it won’t fit the next.

Sizing for body fluctuation is tricky without expertise in both women’s fashion and a woman’s physiology. TILDEN applies decades of merchandising expertise with proprietary data to identity pieces that offer maximum versatility. We work closely with our designers to ensure the pieces we carry not only “work” at each phase, but flatter – always.

What do you do to the clothes to make them versatile?

We don’t make any changes to the designers’ work. Each season, we search obsessively across hundreds of designer collections to find pieces that truly represent what's happening in fashion right now -- but also have the technical construction to adapt to the changes we know women go through in real life. Every style we include has that ideal combination of clever fabrics, draping, and seam placements, not to mention quality craftsmanship and timeless style, to ensure you’ll want to wear it months, even years from now.

How can the same dress fit when I’m marathon-ready and nine months pregnant?

It's a good thing we love shopping. Countless hours have been spent in fitting rooms, not to mention design ateliers, developing expertise in all things fit-related. Our team has over a decade of industry experience at places like Gap and Rent the Runway absorbing all the challenges real women face with their closets. We know which fabrics have the best stretch retention and how a little artful draping can hide a few postpartum pounds.

We try to be as explicit as possible in our product descriptions so you know what you’re getting into. Real women like you are helping us refine our assortment with feedback every day, so thank you and please keep it coming.

You can share your own photos with us @shoptilden by tagging #tildenirl - this helps other women consider what styles will work best for them and share ideas on how to style pieces in new ways.

Do you use fake bumps for photography?

Never. Wondering how that “pregnant” model has managed to gain 30 pounds only in her belly and remain pin thin everywhere else? Us, too… We’ve all ordered something online, only to realize it doesn’t fit anything like the photos once you put it on. To guard against this, we’re passionate about transparency. The models we work with are truly pregnant women and new moms with real curves, and we photograph them as late in their third trimesters and as soon postpartum as we can (doctors, airlines, and hungry babes permitting). Keeping it real benefits everyone.

How does sizing work?

Because we curate versatile pieces that offer unique stretch or draping features, everything we sell should work with a bit of fluctuation up or down from your typical baseline. Some people prefer a slightly oversized look, and we'll occasionally call out where we recommend sizing up.

Love your concept, but why don’t you sell my favorite brand?

We’re constantly iterating our offering based on customer feedback and data we collect. Help us improve! Send an email to hello@shoptilden.com and let us know your favorite designers missing from TILDEN today. If it’s a mutual fit, we’ll work to add them to the site pronto.