TILDEN On Set: Meet LA Models' Ashley Wiggins

TILDEN On Set: Meet LA Models' Ashley Wiggins

Pregnant during a Las Vegas summer? We’re having hot flashes just thinking about it.

Our latest TILDEN mama, LA Models’ Ashley Wiggins, took a break from the sweltering heat last month to join us on set in Venice Beach. 

Wiggins, who has been modeling professionally for the last 13 years, grew up in Boston and describes herself as a “tomboy.”

“My mom first took me to a photo shoot when I was 10. I cried and we had to go home,” she said, sheepishly.

Wiggins said it took her seven years from that experience to get up the courage to try again. She was signed on the spot at the first agency she walked into at 17. Her first campaign was for Polaroid – on the camera package!

“I was like, ‘Okay, why am I not doing this?’ she said after her first paycheck. “I’m in!”

Now at 30, Wiggins has modeled across the globe, including several months in Milan.

“It was insane!” she said of the Italian fashion capital. “Total culture shock.” Wiggins said her favorite part of living abroad was the ability to bond over the shared experience with fellow models.

“Sometimes in this business you think, ‘Am I crazy for doing this?’ So it’s great to see others going through the same thing. And it was great at a young age to get out of Boston and see the world. 

Due in October with her first baby, Wiggins said she’s inspired by new role as a working mom.  

“I see my life changing in terms of having more of a purpose and focus now at work,” she shared. “I have the same goals (a Victoria’s Secret Model chief among them), but now I have more of a drive to do that.”

Wiggins said she follows a disciplined diet to keep fit while pregnant.

“I eat lots of protein. No salt, no sugar, no dried foods,” she told us. “But, okay, sometimes I’ll have a little ice cream here and there.”

Wiggins said she’s had to substitute pre-pregnancy fitness favorites like basketball, bike riding, and weights for cardio.  

“I speed walk now!” she said with a laugh. “I love to stay active, but I listen to my body. If I’m tired, I sleep.”

In becoming a mom, Wiggins said she’s most excited to be a role model and a teacher but worries about the influence of social media on impressionable youth.

“I’m afraid of society today,” she said candidly. “I’m especially nervous about bullying [online]. Your child can’t not have a computer or a phone, so you have to figure out ways to teach what’s right.”

Her current maternity wardrobe is still fairly sparse, she said.

“I knew I didn’t want to stock up on maternity clothes because what’s the point?” she told us. “I only bought two pairs of pants. And when I wear them, I do not feel sexy.”

Wiggins said her biggest pain point in outfitting her baby bump has been pants, especially given the Vegas heat.

“It’s so hot here. I don’t even want to wear clothes,” she admitted. “Maternity pants usually have extra thin material – they’re really itchy, hot, and not comfortable.”

Opt instead for more flowy pieces, Wiggins advised. “I find myself buying only dresses because they’re comfortable and easy to manage.” Still at around eight months pregnant, Wiggins said she just sizes up in her favorite designers.

On set, Wiggins said she loved Mara Hoffman’s designs best. “I loved her colorful ones!” she said. “They’re super comfy and not skin tight.”

So what do the locals do in Sin City?

“We hike!” the Wiggins said, excitedly. “There are so many places and it’s so beautiful – all mountains, no grass. Just desert.”


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