For Celebrity Stylist Angela Fink, Pregnancy Fashion Is about Taking Risks

TILDEN | Stylist Angela Fink

It’s hard enough dressing a growing bump in private. Imagine if your career depended upon it.

For a motherly perspective on what to wear, we caught up with celebrity and editorial fashion stylist Angela Fink, who is pregnant with her first child.

Angela’s styling resume includes almost 15 years of experience, serving as a style director for WhoWhatWear, E! Networks, and global e-commerce site JustFab. Her celebrity client list includes Kate Hudson, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, Julianne Hough, and Adrienne Bailon.

Today, she authors (and models for) digital style guide The Fashion Sight, where her avid followers can currently find inspiration across fashion, beauty, and décor.

 How has your styling methodology changed since you got pregnant?

With styling, so often we tend to play it safe. We do what we’re comfortable with and hold ourselves back. I’m just realizing how limited I’ve been with my personal style. Now that I’m pregnant, I find myself trying more than ever before. The ‘this is me’ doesn’t fit me anymore, so I’m getting outside the box. I used to be this way when I was first starting out just because I didn’t have as many resources and I’d have to get really creative. And now with pregnancy, my body is changing in so many weird ways, so I’m bringing that creative back.

What's the biggest surprise for you that “worked” while pregnant?

I know immediately. It’s this tight grey dress with a long denim shirt over it. In general, I’m not into tight. Maybe some wide leg, high-waisted pants with a tight shirt on top. But I love oversized, loose, menswear.

I’ve been okay in my body for a long time, but now I have this belly and boobs and it’s a bit unnerving. Putting on a tight dress was like, What am I doing? I think you can kind of see my belly button! I’ve never been this big! I knew I couldn’t just wear the dress – it needed something over it. So I thought, Okay, how can I make this look more me? And then someone had just sent me a long denim shirt – like a duster feel over a tight dress. I gave it a shot, and was so surprised by how popular it was.

Any specific styling advice for newly pregnant moms?

Really experiment! I know that sounds a tad bit scary. You’re going into a professional workspace, and you don't want to look crazy. But definitely try something new because you never know what’s going to complement your body. Women tend to have misconceptions of their bodies (especially when pregnant). If I hadn’t taken risks, I wouldn’t have gotten so much traction. And I’d like to think my risks have helped other first time moms. I get a lot of compliments for thinking creatively with a bump.

Speaking of risks, can you give us an example of something real that’s done well for you?

I recently did a MacDonald’s post [caption: “Nope this isn’t my Halloween costume this is REAL LIFE, pregnant & in need of @macdonalds”], which did really well. It was my husband’s idea and, of course, I was horrified at first. Especially with pregnancy, though, I’ve realized that I need to just be myself.


TILDEN | Stylist Angela Fink Preggo Cravings

Where are you shopping as you near the finish line of your pregnancy?

I don't want to spend a lot of money on something I never want to see again. Sometimes I'll find myself going for like a peasant top, which is oversized and weird and works now, but won’t later. But I love what you’re doing at TILDEN. Your pieces offer longevity. I love your A.L.C. skirt that I recently photographed. I had ideas of even making it a dress, but I told myself I had to hold off until post-pregnancy. For now, I wear it as a skirt and it fits like a dream.

TILDEN | Stylist Angela Fink - A.L.C. Muller Skirt

TILDEN | Stylist Angela Fink wears A.L.C. Muller Skirt




TILDEN | Vince Oversized Cashmere Sweater - Stone HeatherTILDEN | A.L.C. Muller Skirt


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